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Temples of God

We are the Church
God’s holy people.
We need no doors
Or fancy steeples.
For we are the Temple
Where He wishes to stay,
Which He bought with His blood
And He willingly paid.
So open your hearts
And let Jesus come in
And turn away
From all that is sin.
He’ll fill you with joy
His love and peace
And you as His Bride
He will lovingly keep.

AWAKE! The Bridegroom Coming!

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Wake Up!
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Awake, you sleeper! Awake! Arise and make yourself ready! It’s time to put aside those childish pursuits and your endless musing with vanities. Awake, I say! Do you not realize the time in which you are privileged to live? Now more than ever can the sound of the bridegroom’s coming be heard. Surely He draws near. The need to purify yourself has grown greater, for the time allotted has grown shorter. The dark of night has already conquered the eastern horizon as the sun glow fades in the west. The king had long ago sent out His invitation. He proclaimed to all, “COME!”